watching sunsets part 1 (man\'s perspective/letter)

By Hanerz   

Watching sunsets holding each other
We thought this would last forever
Then something went wrong
So, i guess we were mistaken

we had a small pretty, white cottage
out in the huge, big green forest
with a great, big blue lake
Oh, this is more than i can take

Then one day you were gone without notice
and i found it extremely hard to focus
on our 2 little children
named Axel and Katie-Lynn

Now every time i hear a train
it brings you back to my brain
and the worst part...
Is that is always breaks my heart

Oh. Dear Darlin, please come back to me
without you im so gloomy
We just planted some beautiful flowers
The kids believe they have magic powers

Isnt that sweet? Theyre so funny.
And theyre growing up so darn quickly
Oh, my sweet darlin we dearly miss you
can you... wont you come see the view?

Youre the sweetest one
I love you

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Key Words : sunsets, forever, each other, mistaken, gone, children, train, heart, Darlin, sweetest, miss, love

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This Poems Story

I was listening to a song. And it said sunsets. so thats gave me an idea for the first 2 lines. But then that reminded me of something. Reminded me of a story my friend and i kinda acted out. like playing house, i guess. its more complicated. If he reads this he will understand. i really do hope he sees it. We havent talked in awhile. I miss him. Anyway its a story about a man writing a letter to his... girlfriend. She had to leave for some unknowing reason. And he just wants to tell her about what happened after she left. They truly love each other. She didnt leave because she wanted to.