Watching Tragedy

With your forgotten hello, her shattered loneliness was proven
It was then, when she felt it all break.
She closed her eye tight and screamed to her self
She refused to allow the tears building up to fall
She fell asleep that night more broken than ever.
Every day she smiled in your face, never let you see her pain.
The pain caused by lies, neglect, heartbreak and abuse.
She never let anyone down, always watching them use and hurt her.
Though she hated it and others saw it as sabotaging her own life.
She remained silent.
Now she's older and things haven't changed
She's getting worse you see,
Though nobody notices and she won't tell.
See when somebody notices, she won't care.
You can't hear her cries
So, how did you expect to hear the sound of her blood?
As it drips from the blade.
You watched and let her slip by,
Now's not the time to cry
So wipe of the dust because times up.
This is her last goodbye...

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