One day a little girl went to the doctor with her mom:
"You only have six months if not, maybe less."
But it was okay, I told mom to stop crying.
I'm not afraid to die; maybe you and dad will stop fighting.
All her life she just wanted to be a part of the water.
To be one with the water, to flow easily and freely with no pain.

She solved and directed all of her problems to her tree house.
But this problem was not going away.
There was a nice view of the ocean from the tree top.
She was able to see the one thing she loves most; to swim
Her lungs did not like the idea of swimming
She had Stage-Four Lung Cancer.

The tree seemed to grow old and weak.
The leaves were falling faster than the little girl's days she had left.
Hours later mom checked on her daughter to give her medicine,
The little girl wasn't in her tree.
She was on the beach, swimming in the water
She finally got to be one with the water.

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