Many steps taken on this path seems like a
long journey my body is feeling tired and wearied.
Someone give me some water so I can stay alive. A black
tall handsome man stands at my side with wooly hair and
red eyes, saying"I am the life...choose me or die." My heart
starts to pound like a drum. Then he says"This is the way my
son... I am the way."As I follow him many people whisper
in my ear saying"don't follow him he has taken on a whole lot
of sins."They give me dirty looks and fake smiles.
Seems like I've been walking for a while. But I don't want to be
beguiled. So I asked the tall man for more water. He said"of
course I give it freely to those who run this course. As I look back
my family says"COME BACK" without reason but I believe in him.I yell
back "HE is telling the truth" then he looks back and says "I am
the Truth."My family starts to fade away in the distance. Then I
started to listen to this man's wisdom. I've been walking for some
time and I'm getting a little tired. Then I whispered to the
man, excuse me Sir,"can you give me some water?" He turns back and
keeps on talking. Then I realized we never stopped for water.
Then we reached the end of the path. At the very last step he turned
into water. Then I heard a voice from above
saying"I was that water... I am the living water.
I gave you to drink because of your thirst and you didn't want to die
I am the way,the truth and the life."

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