Water and Sun

You are on my mind
Every damn second of the day;
You take my breath away
Until I'm numb.
You know I like you,
And you know I want you,
But you'll never know I love you;
How much I love you.
My life is blue.
Blue skies, oceans, and eyes.
Your life is yellow.
Happy, full of light.
Together we could make fields of green,
But you're scared of that.
You're scared to touch the forests we could make;
To walk among the grass we could grow.
For now, I guess, I'll be the water
Missing my sun.
And you'll be the sun
Missing your water.

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This Poems Story

This poem is from the perspective of a girl, talking about a boy (it can be interpreted as any gender though). She is expressing her affection towards the boy, but talks about how the boy does not love her back, and will never know her true love for him. This poem comes from an experience of mine earlier this year, when I fell in love with my best friend, but couldn't tell him because he had a girlfriend at the time. The poem ends with the girl accepting the fact that she may never have the boy, but she won't stop trying.