Water Dancer


I sit in the darkness with only the light
of the moon,
with rain and loneliness as my company.

By the moons light I watched the rain
as its droplets bounce on the water
surface of a pond across the way.

The loneliness leaves me as I am amazed by
how the rain drops sparkle as they seem to
dance on the water surface,
to see the beauty of it as i have never seen
or notice before, creating tiny sparkles
that seem to carousel in different directions.

Oh with years gone by and not to have seen this
beauty of nature before.

With each drop of rain and then another, as if it
were angels performing a dance,
showing that life has so many wonderful things.

As if to say, "leave behind your
loneliness and sadness,
look about and see so many things,
that nature has given us to see with an
open mind and love in your heart and see
it with meaning".

Open your eyes and see with your mind,
the beauty of life and nature,
and watch with an open heart and dream,
as the angels dance,
and I, thought it was only rain.

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