Water in me.

i am like the water. easily moved and pushed by any external or internal force. sometimes when i encounter something; an article, a story, a person or anything that triggers my mind or my heart. It sends a force to all of my being. Shaking every part of my life. Making me question every part of who i am and the choices i have made. I am delicate like that. Put me in a freezing and challenging scenario and i’ll get cold and hard. Rigid mindset that will keep everything structured and in check. Burn me or flame me and somehow, my mind is scattered in the room, flowing like a weightless and purposeless particle. I start to let loose and let the air carry me. Let it send me away to wherever it pleases. Keep me at the right state and I remain fluid and flexible. At my best and fullest, i can fill the seas and can be as vast as an ocean. Or at my lowest, i can be as shallow as a pond. As knowledgable as the still waters occupying a bare ground. When the skys are blue, i stay clear and calm. Amidst storms and strong winds, I am blown and force to stir and become like a hurricane - destructive and dangerous. I can threaten big ships or sails or cities, but I can also be safe a heaven for fishes, fishermen and life. I am like a water. Fluid and free. Adapting to my surroundings, strong enough to break any piece of paper, but soft enough to save those in my reach.

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