Water Lily

A mans obsession with a woman’s beauty
leads men on a pursuit in finding a soul mate with any means to succeed
driven by uncertainty clears a path for clarity concluding in a moment of shock
searing a image of fulfillment, injecting beauty, for anything measured in happiness is sworn to a drug
blinded by a skin mesmerizing as a daisy dip in the sweetest of vanilla's
a smile is seen as a view of her lips brings hope that will engage in instant bliss
the sight of every strain of hair to touch sparks fascination with the seducing seemliness
landing upon a hourglass figure that curves as a dancer moves to uphold
her eyes could never tell how last you find yourself as you capture a life time
when her loving glance taking only seconds, allow minutes to overwhelm your state of mind
A bond has forged a love so pure only time could contain
the innocence and passion she holds
to receive her complete devotion and love is more then any dream could fathom
searching for answers in life and warmth to settle a shaken soul
is found in her, and her ability to see what pride and fatuousness wont allow
wrapping her genital touch becomes so pleasing
not a single night from this moment on could be spent without her by your side
Now here our love lays as calm as a water lily drifting away
to receive the grace of self-worth brings proof that a average man can satisfy a woman’s dreams
left to dream of new ambitions
for my love for you will not die at death
for their is no end, greatness is eternal

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