Water’s Memoir

Water’s Memoir
Water, priceless drops on naked little feet.
Water. Stale. Worm infested.
My poison, cannot be ingested.
Pass them by, heed no mind.
Rich pockets make one blind.
Enslaved, my fate.
My chains are bottles of convenience.
Reducing still, my life’s brilliance.
Disease, disease, greed’s mastery.
Pollution! Free me from this enemy!
No natural solution.
Halt, the fashion industry!
This is my greatest enemy!
Inside me, deep roots soak.
It all went wrong.
Life Giver, my name long gone.
Don, I must the Grim Reaper’s Cloak.
Killer now of humanity. This is me.
Going against God’s intentions.
Original sin repeated renditions.
Reincarnated for death by Earthling’s insanity.
I miss my Eden’s serendipity.

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