Way Back Then.

It’s funny to think, of how everything’s perfect,

Or so called perfect, when it’s actually not.

You think, and you pray to feel what’s right,

But what you feel doesn’t seem like a lot.

It’s great when you feel like he feels too,

Like your love is forever, which is never untrue.

At least you can hope, because you want nothing more,

Than to feel the heat, see your clothes on the floor.

Our passion burns like the tip of a never-ending candle,

We hold on tight, but can we really handle,

The love that comes with so much time,

My heart, your heart, they’re both on the line.

I get so scared when I see your sad face,

It’s more that I fear that you’ll leave without a trace.

With the forever footprints you’ve left in my heart,

I’ll need time to mend, to go back to the start.

I want nothing more than to just be with you,

When I said it, I meant it, I hope you know it’s true.

You’re the sun to my moon, we fit just like a glove,

I’ll never meet another that shares our die heart love.

You’re the one that I want to be forever mine,

I want to hold you, and care for you, more than all the time.

I want to wake up to your face, there right beside me,

Your arms, holding me, caressing me gently.

If we had to stop this, never continue on,

It’d be like birds that don’t sing, or bees with no pollen.

The sky would turn red, and the rest of my world black,

I wouldn’t know what to do, only think of how much I want you back.

My everything can’t even begin, to explain my feelings for you,

Just know how hard it’d be, to live in a world where my sky is no longer blue.

I do have what it takes, to make it to the end, just us two,

I’ll say it once, twice, even a third for you to see,

That I love you, I love you, I love you, baby.

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