An Aoen Ends

By Dan Bickert

Longish expectation
The lingering year has flown
Its pleasures and pains are now elapsed
Its delight and fanfare
Its plethora are all remembrancers
It has been liberated from its tether, pledge, and its market
For me, it was fleeting, illusory
Like being in a prickly feral wind
Which blandished a parsimonious farewell
Bespeak every person that snickers at care
That lavishes in the wealth of their grandsire without bother
The earnestness of enterprise of an heir
Those that ride on coat-tails
Not on aptness and judgment
Let cheer be seen when the ravin multiply
The impresario's light and joy
The lender grave and sly
Wealth is made to wander free
Let it wander, as it will, to find profit
Shun jokey
Cajole the usurer
Bid them come and take their fill of the plenty
Wassail wealth
Attachés full, and dispositions high
En passant, conjointly there is the proper woes
Of the wistful waste of backing and bankroll
Those ones, nonchalant and scorning counsel
The only way out for them
Their end move
Is to be an albatross or a suppliant
And, the old guard
Are, as always, secure in their footing and station

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About this year, the stock-market, the econmy and such. Vale- "good-bye" in latin. Used kind of like "all-right" in Spain but used kind of like Orale is in Mexico. Diction... self-explanitory. In case you did not look the word up.