Ways Out

You know how it is
you know what they say hurts you
And you know that it means so much
And you know you can’t say a word
Because no one listens

It doesn’t matter anyways
you still don't feel a thing
Because the words have sliced right through you
Leaving you blinded of the pain

And then reality catches up from behind
Tramples you and then disappears
Leaving you to the explicit truth

And just when you think you have it
The shards of broken memories cut inside
Nightmares become daymares
Lacking sleep because visions cloud your head

There is no way of this to end
No matter who says what
It will always be “just be positive”
No, it’s not that easy.
I want to be happy
I want to hang out with friends

But everytime I try to make myself get out
I can’t make myself do that
Depression holds you hostage inside of your head
Anxiety leaves you cuddled in your own arms
Shakened by fear and guilt

Looking for a way out
But you won't find one
Because there is none

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This Poems Story

It portrays a simple day and night in a depressed persons head and lets us see the problems they face on a daily basis.