I want to be the one to walk in the Sun
I want to live even when there's sounds of Sirens
I want to curve the kinds of paths you see in dreamy pink forests.
I want to close my bedroom window to go out where it's more open.

I want to feel the warmth after Ice becomes so overrated.
I want to build for the time I'm old enough to join in on cocktails.
I want to draw breathe and order mine to be topped with cocoa.
I want to take pictures of the girl who looks down with a soft smile.

I want to make her feel as though she's on the Beach playing in sand castles.
I want to produce an image that changes her entire perspective on anything she didn't pursue.
I want to tell her it's not too late to focus on you.
I want to prove a bad relationship from the past won't make her an old shrew.

I want to cheer her up down to the lips of her shadow and keep girls like her off the streets.
I want to spread new landscapes and scenery all over this city as I trench into the uncharted backwoods listening for heartbeats.
I want to scream we are weird from the tops of trees and awaken a world totally expressive and free.
I want to have a masterpiece and not leave a single person's painting as an unfinished piece.

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