My people come from one place. And they move from state to state. Forget where they came from and come back like they own the state.
My people come together and fight about everything. Don't leave your wedding ring lying cuz they claim they spent they everything.
My people a disgrace but I won't tell em to they face.
My people some fighters they take out all they trash.
My people ain't illegal but they will beat your a**
My people don’t care about society, you wanna eat don’t ask them for nuthin
My people talk about, and claim they gotta struggle.
Some of my people could be rich but they choose to have a struggle.
My people Procrastinators, Heart Breakers and Money Takers
My people don’t know me, But they think they know me.
My Auntie Crazy she call me Muhammad Ali.
My people don’t have no future depending on they kids.
My people Fall in love in choose to be beaten by they men.
My people call me a demon cuz I burn what I write
My people ain't got no money, that's why all they do is fight
My people go from house to house and steal what they like.
My people don't want me talking bout it that's why I keep it to myself.
But when my people mention my name, they think of money and wealth.
My people give me all types of names.
My people broke, they never bought me anything.
My people give bags of change and expect you to share.
My people beat women in get put in a wheelchair.
My people gone ask, “Girl,why you talk bout us like that”
But Ian gone care Imma walk off cuz imma savage like that.
My people not my people we are not the same, I do not like to be compared to someone who not look’th the same.
My people say they love you but break your heart.
That’s why I forget every person on the 5th of the 8th month.

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