We all down

I am the 3am tears that fall harder than any other
I am the breath caught in your throat waiting to be released
I am the shame to your family tree
and the pain that you let nobody see

Screaming silence in to the night
as absolute nothingness consumes you

As the lunatic inside you unhinged
Sick to the stomach pain forms through your mind
as you try to escape the fringe

No sense in wallowing alone
find a new place to call home
Soon you see why it’s better to be crazy and dazed
than face a curse such as normality
set in this hell of formality

Forced to see the proper sight of chaos
Is it you who caused this or who fought back against it
No one knows for certain
How this was marked
But in the end we all must close the curtain

Take a bow, not for it being over
But for begin strong enough to hold on this long
Now darling, get back up
Because we all fall down…

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