We All Know Someone Like That

She ranks herself a team player but only works well with one person
who is more like her puppet.Others have come and go, not by choice
remember. She makes their time at work a living hell, secluding them
from all important duties.Parading their every little mistake and
making them look and feel incompetent.I can see her mind always
planning and plotting.I wonder if her brain hurts sometimes.

On company time she socialize on end. She is so entitled, if
the company is indebted to her. Because she keeps them in check
on all office gossip,they keep ranking her way up there. Did I
mention she has the smarts?She studied each and every one of them
and she plays them like a fiddle. She puts a 100% only when she
knows she is being watched. Her accountability is keeping everyone
current on gossip which makes her a social butterfly. She has a way
with people. The smarts that's misdirected.A calculating mind that
makes her looks like a champion.She is the most calculating,
conniving,manipulative being I know.

Stop living under someone's shadow. Bullies have the smarts
to disguise themselves as the best. Smarten up and start tooting
your own horn. They will try to intimidate you and make you give
up and go back into your cocoon. How to deal with her you ask.
Figure her out just like she does you and get help if you must.
Just don't let anyone ever steal your thunder and make you give
up on what's meant to be yours.If you know someone like that,
but you are too intimidated to deal with them, let them
accidentally see this. I hope it becomes your voice.

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