We Are All People

We are all people.
Why is this debated?
Others who are people too are pushed around and hated.
Why do many choose to beat on those who seem a little odd.
On the inside we are all the same, but the spectrum is quite broad.
I'm calling out the bullies, the ones who pick on the hated.
The ones who put people down for things so overrated.
This is directly to you, and you know who you are.
Think about what you say, cause every word is a scar..
Since when is it their right to tell us who we ought to be?
They're nothing but pieces of trash from all that I can see.
Since when is it their right to say who we're allowed to love.
They think that we can change ourselves with just a little shove.
I don't understand how you could dehumanize a person.
They say that we are making progress but I've only seen it worsen.
What is it to them if a boy loves a boy?
Why has simple love become a thing they must destroy?
What is it to them if one girl loves another?
We're here on this Earth to simply love each other.
I'm speaking out to all.
Black and white, straight and gay.
The time has come for change, each day is our day.
For those of you who think it's cool to put others down.
What do you get out of it? a medal, a trophy, a crown?
If you get satisfaction out of what you're putting people through.
Reconsider your choices, because there's something wrong with you.

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