We Are Here

We are here to listen to the stories of the elderly,
to learn from them, to laugh about them.
The sparkle in one's eye, the giggle of a child
while they are tickled and chased through the house.
We are here to live.
The race of your heart to catch up with your mind
during a first kiss.
Listening to music simply to feel alive.
Whether we live in sadness or pain,
whether we live in solitude without gaining
anything worth living for,
we are here to be, to love, and to be loved.
We are here to feel pain, and to overcome it,
to not let it consume us.
We are here to do whatever makes us happy, to the fullest extent,
beyond judgement of others.
Acceptance, love and understanding.
Whatever is up there, it's not just there, it is in the air,
all around us. We inhale to gain life, therefore we
inhale the life-force that gave us life.
Someone that brought us here.
Unless, there is no one.
No entity that brought us here,
but one thing is for certain in the logic of life,
we are not alone in this verse. The universe is vast,
forever changing and evolving, we are not the only
life-sustaining planet, it cannot be only Earth.

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