We Are One

It was like we were one even if we never tried,
we said so much to each other through the look of our eyes.
You answered my questions with silent answers.
There is so much meaning of what we are and what we never are.
How we are one, people will never understand.

We are like the wind, so quiet and so peaceful at first,
then we become a gust of it, so powerful you
can feel it but will never see it.
As gentle as we may seem we can become a monstrous storm
destroying the world with the silence we hold.
But we look up and the world is still together.

We are in uniforms, in the army is what we are.
We stand with failure in our hearts, but the strength of it is a
stranger to us. We are at war with one another but how is
it that when we wear the same colors? But we
find it within ourselves, the pure thought that says we got
to fight for what we have. It's the end,
but we cannot see each other because
the camouflage we wear.

Words without meaning is what we are, but still
understood between us. Knowing that we have become one,
we still know that nothing has been
said between us. So we are one but still none.

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