We are STARS

It shows to you what you are missing
Like the advertising goals
It always gives another reason
Why your life is in the hole

It will bribe and take from you
All the gifts we freely get
When you buy what they sell you
The fine print is like a snake

Because they know it
Your a diamond
Your a star

Its our birth right
It's just who we really are

Well I wasn't born
Just the other day
I know what your doing
Temptation is your game

They wont show you reaching the top
Only way to go is down
They wont tell you what you give up
Then you know it once it's gone

The money it makes the world
Not ours go round and round
The perfect illusion
It will all come out somehow

Because I know it
I'm a diamond
I'm a star

If we were all losing
Why did you have to go this far

Now that I know you
Everything your all about
You can take all your giving
What I need you only break

When we all believe in
We are diamonds
We are stars...

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