We are the ones


Here we are
Stained and confused
leaning on a prayer
for a moment that could set the course

A phase of atonement
when you and I
can live again and fall in love
they keep us
hanging on
They keep us
holding on
but our spirits can never be tamed
For we are the soldiers
standing on
that shinning star

We are the new souls
that fight for everything
for everyone
we live in darkness
to see those that are lost
emerge in the light
We give it all
we fight
the good fight
We pay the toll

Let us understand each other
let us end this now
it's our last chance
if we want our people
to survive
It's our last hope
for our children
for our loved ones
for our husbands and wives

Your my brother
and I am yours
Your my sister
and I'll protect you
with all my heart
love me
as I love you
take a moment and listen
stay sweet and share the energy
that can
finish the mission

Do your part and be the saviour
of the lonely hearts
embrace me
hug me
Kiss me
but don't despair me
when I need you the most

I want to live
they want to live
We all want to live

Believe me when I say
we can do it
if we stop fighting for supremacy
I'll carry you
on one knee
I'll crawl and take you past the finish line

We are the people of this world
and nothing
should tear us apart

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