We are Woman, Hear us Roar

We wear our scars on our hearts for they make us who we are.
We get strength from our wounds given since leaving our mother's womb.
We are sister, aunt, niece, mother, lover and friend.
We hold each one beloved; we love them to the end.
We beat the soil beneath our feet until they're bloody and sore.
We are woman, hear us roar.

You can tell us that we're ugly, that we'll never get too far.
You can try to keep us in the dark,but we burn like the brightest star.
And when you try to throw us down, and push us in the dirt;
don't you know we grow stronger with every little hurt.
So until you realize what we are really for,
We are woman, Hear us roar.

We hold the very fabric of mankind in our hands.
So isn't it about time then,
they listen to our commands.
We will no longer stand to be
abused, raped and slaughtered.
We will chose to be accountable, and love what we have fathered.
We will no longer be silenced,
and tethered to the floor.
We will not deal in double standards and inequality like generations before.
And every time we put our feet down, our daughters: they will soar.
Because we stood our ever loving ground.
We are Woman, Hear us Roar!!!

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