We Are Women

I refuse to stand a moment longer
With the ones who put us down.
They try to say our names in honor,
But they just drive them through the ground.

We are the ones who will fight tonight
With the love and kindness we were not shown.
This time we will stay strong and bite,
And we won't listen to them whine, bitch, and moan.

This is our time to be heard.
They will remember the words we speak.
Our passion and strength will not be blurred.
We will not be called small and weak.

We are women, and we will fight.
We are women, and we stand tonight!

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This Poems Story

This poem speaks out about the way women are/were treated in society, and how we won't back down and we will continue to fight. I states that we do bite, and refuse to be called weak anymore. This poem is suppose to inspire any women out there who read it.