We Be Free!

Snap! what was that?
Our massa's comin'!
Don't wanna get caught,
We best start runnin'!
Over the rivers, through the trees,
Get to the North, so we's be free.

Bark! oh no!
They sendin' they dogs!
Start runnin' fasta'
'Fore we get flogged!
Over the river, through the trees,
Gettin' closer to the North! We 'bout to be free!

Wanted: three slaves
Two short, one tall.
Ran away last week,
Find 'em all!
They went over the rivers, through the trees.
Stop them at the North! They ain't gonna be free!

Choo! choo! the train!
Hurry! get on!
By time Massa gets here,
We'll all be gone.
Go over one river, past those trees.
Look! it's the North!
Hallelujah! We's free!

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