We Became So Close Over TP


You know I wish I had a love like TP, you do your best
to always keep in supply and try extra hard not to run
out. And I would love a life that is not fuzzy, like
trying to write a forget me not on a piece of TP and
then wipe. I love my mom, she is like Vanity Fair,
always trying to celebrate her love of beauty, except
when the TP runs out and it soon turns used, like
after a kids TP party, you get caught and made to
clean it up. I wonder how Mr. Wiffle would feel about
squeezing any brand of TP and just to have a good wipe.
You can tell the world is constipated when you see TP
stuck to a bottom of a shoe and you wish you had it,
so you don't play Prarie Dog. The old saying "You
don't know what you got 'til it's gone" has taken a
whole new meaning and you struggle to find some TP,
then you struggle to locate it and it has a limit of
one per customer. One good thing that has happened,
adults have conceded to using baby wipes and then
thoroughly enjoying it just like a baby. It has become
bad when you read a rag and politics are so vile and
crappy, like an acidic BM full of vile and you forsee
the burn. My mom and I became hoarders and panicked
when the sign reads "Limit one per family."
We became so close over TP.

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