We Can Only Be Friends

You tell me that I don't know what it's like to be where you are,
but are you forgetting what you have put me through?
You say that you are broken hearted; that no one understands;
that no one has ever felt the way you do.
I have been where you are once before.
I have sat, and cried as I watched them walk out the door.
But you had a choice, and chose her over me.
I walked away from you, because there was no point; we were empty.
There was nothing left of what we once were, and don't say it's not true.
You know I no longer felt the way that I used to.
Staying with you would have been just another lie I kept in my heart.
And I already had enough of those tearing it apart.
I know it didn't end the way that you wanted, but we can still be friends.
I don't want to lose sight of that just because our relationship ends.
Continuing on with my life as if we had never shared a thing.
Pretending I don't feel the heartache that losing my friend would bring.
You chose your path, and I have chosen mine.
Asking for more will only hurt you for I will only decline.
Don't tell me to leave; that you can no longer see me.
Please don't say we can't be friends, because you want more than that from me.

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