We Don't Kno Why?

She sits down on her bed screaming on the insides, grinding her teeth pushing on this power out of her, while her hnds tighten and her face begins to turn red " she screams". She wishes just some-one could understand her without an explaning,she wishes people will get why she is the way she is, but yet again no one knows not even her.There is nothing she can do so as she lays her head on her pillow with all these thoughts rushing in her head such as: what happend today,whats going to happen tomorrow,why she is the way she is,and why can't thngs change? Its' Life she tells herself and i don't get one things about it.Then she stares into the mirror and pulls her hair up as tears come running down her face.She again asks"why me" with sadness in her voice.Next thing you know the the alram is going off to get up for school.Not wanting to get up she does anyway with hope everything will be fine.She puts her things together,not careing what she looks like,walking outside catching the bus.Watching everything thats going on in the outside world wishing she could be apart ,but not knowing why she stays to her self.She returns to school as if nothing is wronge,it's in her head,nothing is, she hates when people go one and on asking her whats wronge,she hates where the anger comes from,she does't know people so she cant tell you,as she walks the halls class to class she begins to think about other things than school,.The bells rings and schools over she gets on the bus sits close to the window and watches every car that goes by leaveing in mind she still doesnt know why,so she leaves saying"goodbye" with a fake smile.

-Ciera Ingram

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