We Dream

The whole community came to its knees, it suffers and pleads,
Now there is a pandemic epidemic and we can't meet the needs
Of all the kids who think that this is the way out,
They scream and shout but nothing is heard.

But silent footsteps to the gates,
Where they meet their God,
Their savior from pain,
Who helps them stay sane.

But now it's too late and it's all catching on,
We think we will be favored, remembered, a hero to some.
Death is the way and the truth and the life,
It saves us from sins and brings us to the light,

But wait. this isn't right.
No matter how long the night,
If there's not joy in sight,
The way out is always a fight.

Scream for all you have, make yourself heard,
Reach out to others and comfort and learn.
For not all of us are as tough as we seem,
We all have flaws, are scared and we dream.

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