We Fell

We jumped because we knew
Those who jumped
Were the only ones who flew.
We jumped, too,
hoping to fly
and reach the opportunities that lay high, high in the sky.
But we fell.
We knew not why,
Only that we must continue to try
And pry open our wings clamped near with fear.
When we fell,
We fell before the breeze caught
And filled our then open
Yet still empty and trembling wings.
We fell before we rose
Higher than the highest height
We could have ever flown
Had we never been brave enough to jump.
We fell before we flew.

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by the ability of a friend to seize the opportunity. I hope it has inspired you to do the same. I hope it has inspired you to trust yourself through life's journey even when you fall and to make the best of wherever you land. Hope is the fuel for the creation of a better future and I hope this poem has given you hope, strength and courage to do your part. Each one of us has the ability to better the future if only we had the faith to chase the opportunities leading us there.