We Found the Light.

You’re the one that I see when I wake in the night,

Holding me ever so softly, yet tight.

I feel your strong arms keeping me safe,

From the whole world around us, we’ve found that happy place.

To you my blue, and me your sweet pea,

The love we share blooms like blossoms on a tree,

Continuing to grow with beauty and divine,

What we share is special, there is nothing more fine.

I am your angel and you my savior,

I never want to go back to what came before,

before you and I fell together from the stars,

for what fell upon us was destined from afar.

No one knows how, or why we were chosen,

The fact is we were and because of that i’ve risen,

Up from the dark, and confusing times before,

That because of you I’m now not alone anymore.

We now face our problems, yours and mine together,

There’s nothing that can break this strong bond, not ever.

I love you more than words can explain,

But I hope this makes it easier to see through any pain,

That hopefully has diminished because we’ve found the light,

That has brought us both back from the abyss in the night.

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