We Get It

Adults-Listen up!
You think you know whats best
But you force us to digress
to hide from what we need to express
You claimed to have you lived your life
through all your pain and strife
but then your words cut in deep like a knife
Honestly we can see you lost trust
in eveything you would have discussed
So don't waver timid accusation over us
Over time our thoughts have just piled
and longing to break free into the wild
So remeber the greatest gift is a single child
Children are the future so treat us well
anticipate our next move will excel
If you let us be our selves we will not fail
You may think we don't understand
but think of all the things your kids have planed
"We get it", in such a high demand
Sometimes in life we don't succeed
but support us instead of gettin pee'd
it takes desire and patience to learn to read
Once upon a time you were a kid
people ignored you, your dreams were hid
So you try to understand before you forbid
Ear check one, two, one, two
We get it, we get it we really do
Now that we get it do you?
~Roderick Galloway

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