We gotta make a change

All this time I see the world on fire

With all the evil in this world and what they try to conspire

This world is never going to change

Most humans on this world in one form or another are sick and deranged

If good people do nothing that is evil enough

I see the life and see the world on fire

I see the turns but I’m leaving it all behind

I fear for you and I

Why doesn’t the world just open their eyes

Reborn out of fire spoken throughout the lies

Crying out all the fiery burning tears we realizing our fate as humanity cries

We’ve got to make a change

We all live in a selfish age

Looking up at the black dismal sky

Looking down seeing the burnt bodies as they lie crawling hoping to make it to safety

Looking left to see the broken skyscrapers that once stood tall

Looking right seeing the destroyed parks and playgrounds were children laughed, and played

We’ve got to make a change before the world we know is gone

We’ve got to make a change for our future and how we’ll be remembered

Let’s not make this the twilight of our lives let’s not make this our december

Let’s not make this our two minutes to midnight

Let’s come together and do what’s right

Everything that we can possibly do to avoid this plight

For the betterment of our species and our way of life

Most of the time nothing ever good comes from war

We’ve all gotta make a change

Let’s try stopping to be something we’re not and stop acting strange

We want no we need to have a future

Let us not sure if the part that has come together like a band of brothers

We all share this small planet in this big galaxy in this gigantic universe

Everybody would ever known, everything we’ve ever done, oh and every wonderful thing we’ve experienced is here and it’s all we know

Let’s keep our planet safe let’s keep humanity safe forever have and to hold

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This Poems Story

This poem is mainly about the growing escalation between North Korea and the rest of the world and how we have to change for the better or face total annihilation