We Have An Angel Down ..... Part One

The unthinkable has occurred.
No one heard a sound.
Like a bolt out of the blue.
We have an angel down.

Had spoken to her earlier.
When no one was around.
Wouldn't have believed it then.
Soon, an angel would be down.

There is some speculation.
Talk going on about town.
This was not supposed to happen.
What brought this angel down?

There will be investigations.
Reports and bits of news.
Experts will be fools again.
Innocent people will be accused.

I wish I could comprehend,
how an angel lost her flight.
Imagine the unheard of,
an angel went down last night.

The truth, never meant to be known.
It's a biblical heresy scene.
Never meant for man to witness.
Angels were never to lose their wings.

Meanwhile, the news reports,
a wing torn angel has been found.
The headlines of every news hour,
Breaking, we have an angel down.

The churches now unvoiced.
Word has been spreading around.
Confusion reigns for the how and why,
a sacred angel came crashing down.

A messenger of God has fallen.
A beacon of light gone dark.
Mankind cast in uncertainty.
Man's future is a question mark.

People now studying the scriptures.
Picking apart like never before.
Looking for signs of the future.
The future isn't so bright anymore.

Where is this dead angel's keeper?
What order was she from?
No one has any answers.
The church is still loudly mum.

Sunset side hears a trumpet above.
Most trees and green grass ablaze.
Sundown side hears a galloping horse.
Bringing disease and the spread of plague.

The mighty men of the church,
who killed during time of strife.
Men who tortured and maimed,
never caring for the sanctity of life.

They're out of their element.
Taught by mortals in school.
Spreading the word of man, not God.
None of them lived by the golden rule.

People rush toward the churches.
Their steeples a beacon of hope.
Ultimate lesson about to be learned.
Mankind's last breath and help has eloped.

The men of God are still quiet.
Sitting, whimpering in a corner.
Don't know what to say or do.
Doors now closed to all newcomers.

Human race in rapid decline.
Property destroyed across town.
No way forward while killing the past.
Now they've brought an angel down.

How it happened is unknown.
But the effects are occurring worldwide.
God finally is calling it quits,
after humanity picked the other side.

Since the first trumpet sounded.
Those that didn't know, now do.
Time on earth coming to a close.
Time to tear it down and start anew.

The final trumpet is the final bell.
Order of Angels has been convened.
An angel down was the final straw.
That's all folks, it's really happening.

God didn’t like us killing each other.
Didn't want prayer banned in school.
Sighed as scriptures stripped off marble.
It's now time to end man's rule.

Earth is burning, disease has spread.
Time for the final supper, the final meal,
Ghost riders streaking across the sky.
The four horseman from the seven seals.

Saul of Tarsus warned us all.
It was there for anyone to see.
Modern man removing God.
Tried to erase him from you and me.

Don't mess with an angel.
They are the path to the source.
Humanity crossed a line in the sand.
Now God's laws are being enforced.

Man's actions killed all but two.
Rest of them burned and drowned.
Hope they save history for the future,
and not bring any more angels down.

R. S. Morris

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This Poems Story

The story of when an Angel is murdered.