We Have an Angel Down ... Part Three

The new couple walks hand in hand.
No evidence man was ever here.
The trees are lush, tall and green.
Woods full of sounds, mystery and fear.

Thousands of years of mankind.
No lasting monuments exist.
Nothing to show for any of it.
That's the tragedy in all of this.

How to continue forward now.
Many different ways to go.
How to raise, how to teach,
the children they are soon to bestow.

The new couple have a weapon.
That Adam and Eve never possessed.
They have knowledge of the past.
The way it started and how it progressed.

God still struggling with the question.
Should he guide each step of the way.
Should he interfere or just let it happen.
Or let them figure it out, day by day.

Adam and Eve had only one rule.
The apple to remain untouched.
They relented and went for it anyway.
Mankind's future changed as a result.

God never expected us to be perfect.
Supposed to learn from our past.
If we erase all of our errors,
we'll keep drinking the poison of the asp.

Let's see what the new couple does.
Applying the old to the new.
Hope they adapt and prosper.
It's a new future for me and you.

R. S. Morris

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