We Have an Angel Down .... Part Two

Man’s time came to an end.
The earth is quiet again,
Just spinning in solitude,
like it was when it first began.

From one extreme to the other.
Greed was man’s big mistake.
God left one man, one woman,
in a coma while deciding their fate.

Should God control it this time?
He thought they learned from the ark.
Man still had his own will,
but man keeps forgetting his start.

Beginning anew, a blessed event.
Trees covering once barren land.
The soil and water fresh again.
Beaches covered in pure white sand.

How to keep humans in check.
A mystery from the beginning of time.
Keeping man from becoming evil.
Never crossing that thin red line.

Decisions have been made.
The couple starting to awake.
A daunting task lies before them.
Their job to guide humanities fate.

Learning with the past in mind.
As they step forth arm in arm.
They better remember their maker.
Third time will not be the charm.

R. S. Morris

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