We Have Many Cousins But None Like Flo

We have many cousins, oh so true,
But none compare to cousin Flo,
A special bond, forever strong,
Through every joy and sorrow's woe.

In times of need, she's always near,
A comforting presence, gentle and kind,
No matter when the news is shared,
Cousin Flo, love's essence defined.

She holds no grudge, no trace of spite,
Only embraces with open arms,
A beacon of warmth, that shining light,
Even through life's uncertain storms.

With every tear that falls like rain,
Cousin Flo wipes them all away,
Her unwavering love, it eases pain,
Such compassion, day after day.

Through laughter's joys and mischief's charms,
Cousin Flo's spirit effortlessly shines,
She uplifts our spirits and heals all scars,
A precious treasure that's simply divine.

For we have many cousins in this life,
But cousin Flo is a gem so rare,
A constant source of love and strife,
With her, we're a family, strong and fair.

So let us cherish cousin Flo, so dear,
This poem, a tribute to her sweet soul,
For when we need her, she's always near,
A cousin unlike any others we extol.

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