We Have to Make a Change

what has the world became to be
african american societies
killing each other every moment seen
can't even go and turn on my tv
without hearing bout somebody
who was under eighteen
never got a chance to
accomplish they dreams
now they stuck under ground for eternity
cuz a person choose to go and intervene
of course the white man
is loving what's going on
they thinking to their self
one less nigga
one less problem to solve
come on my bruthas and sistas
we gotta stand tall and
fly above the negitivity
that some of us have caused
people dying everyday
we have to make a change
can't go on living in the rain
something's got to give
cuz i wanna live
everybody has to
come together as one

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This Poems Story

Living in Chicago, Illinois for six year was a very tough deal for me to encounter. I lost some people who were really close to me because of violence. One day I was sitting in my room full of rage, some how I needed to express my feelings. So I pulled out my pen and paper and began tgo write, I really wanted this song/poem to mean something to somone. Hopefully it can open peoples eyes and help make a difference.