We Love Who We Love

Who are we as second class citizens,
Neighbors in the ethnic minority,
Foes to our right-wing bona-fides,
Enemies, alien invaders,
That you red-blooded, tax-hating, Literal-Bible-reading Americans,
While trying to uphold your ignorance to our pluralities,
Love to hate,
You cringe at the laundry list of coined terms,
but you say they are nothing
But a cipher aimed for the converts,
And we're so receptive to the inadequacies,
of exposing your cynical political ploy,
But yet,
It is a tad clumsily, convincing.
Employed by the enemy who so subtly crafted false points,
To carve out the pejorative messaging,
to provide homage to the regime,
An unconstitutional evolution overlooked,
on the avenues on Pennsylvania and K
Two titans measure the formula of resolution
While social justice movements unanimously quote discrimination;
Persuasion, discussion, evidence, and experience
Diversify and mobilize conversation
Shot at advocates, abolitionists
Through the narrow window of radical departure,
So please, as you drive home in your Trojan horse
Listen to the dog whistle for our justice

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