We Made the Stars Jealous

Do you believe in forever?" She asked
reaching for my hand
under the blanket of stars. I looked up and made
the stars our audience,
holding their breath awaiting me to declare something.
Maybe my feelings? I know nothing of forever but the stars do.
I wonder how they feel,
looking down on earth to couples like us searching
the beyond just by the essence of stars.
Laying here with her feels like I could believe in forever.
"Yes what?" She asks with a hint of concern in her tone.
"Yes but not here." She let go of my hand
and sat up looking down at me.
"Care to enlighten me?" I don't say anything.
I sit up and just point to the sky.
"Forever isn't of this world. Forever is out there.
More specifically up there."
she smiles and takes my hand again.
I lean my head against her. she's indescribably warm.
"Why can't forever be down here? With us?"
"Because this is just a moment. It doesn't last forever."
She looks at me as if examining something deeper than
my hair follicles and the color of my eyes.
She lifts her left hand and placed it on my heart.
"Then forever will be here." With that I nestled into her.
She's right I'll remember this moment forever.

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