We Meshed

From the very first moment,
A troubled boy in a too-big hoodie, and a girl just looking to help.
Inseparable, attached at the hip, simply happy together.
When he went away, it broke my heart
My little rebel went far, far away from his girl.
I spent the next five years dreaming, waiting,
distracting myself with the new, the interesting,
But secretly always wanting the old and familiar.
Finally, he came home. For the first time in half a decade,
I felt him hug me. For the first time, he was taller than me.
It was sheer bliss.
But short lived

I had a life aside from him, forged from loneliness and need.
She was still real. I fought all urges,
my heart, my soul, my mind called out for him.
I woke in the night after guilty dreams of him.
More than half my life I've spent dreaming of him.
In comparision, she was just a fling.
In that moment, I decided what I would do.
I couldn't keep dishonestly laying in his arms.
Still telling her I loved her, but feeling his warmth,
His heartbeat, his breath. I wanted him. And I got him.
Now, everything seems just right.
We work, we fit together like teaspoons. We mesh.

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