We met when we we’re young

I’ve loved you Since we we’re 11. Now look at us all grown up. My love for you Never went away , it was more like it was repressed. I remember I use To dream about you every night and When I woke up I would be so exultant seeing your face as I walked into class. I find it funny that you never noticed me starring at you the whole class period .... to be honest more like every class period .... or everyday .... ok ok , it was really more like every second of every minute! When I first laid eyes on you my heart was irrevocably Gone But when I met you I loathed you. But day after day I started to feel a weird admiration for you despite my better judgment. Soon Admiration went to respect , then respect grew to like , then finally love , but not as much as To be in limerence. At this time you were with somebody, someone I didn’t understand how you could be with . Me and those girls we’re incomparable. I also didn’t understand why those people interested you ,they we’re all alike , nothing unique or different about them .... but I guess that’s just what you like. When I Would Be around You I acted with equanimity even though you just standing near me made me feel euphoric. After months and months of waiting for you to notice the love I had for you I had an epiphany , I soon came to realize that my feelings for you we're in fact unrequited love. Soon after we went into different directions and took two different roads that lead us right back to each other. This time I won’t let you get away ! I’ve loved you since we we’re 11 and we’re 15 now and I promise you will be mine even if I have to wait another 4 years.

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