We met when we we’re young

I’ve Loved You Since We Were 11. Now Look At Us All Gown Up . My Love For You Never Went Away It Was More Like It Was Repressed. I Remember I Use To Dream About You Every Night ! &’ When I Woke Up I Was So Exultant Seeing Your Face As I Walked Into Class. I Find It Funny That You Never Noticed Me Starring At You The Whole Class Period ... Tbh More Like Everyday ... Every Second Of Every Minute ! When I First Laid Eyes On You My Heart Was Irrevocably Gone But When I Met You I Loathed You. But Day After Day I Started To Feel A Weird Admiration For You Despite My Better Judgment But Not As Much As To Be In Limerence ! At This Time You Were With Somebody, Someone I Didn’t Understand How You Could Be With . Me &’ Them Girls Were Incomparable. I Also Didn’t Understand Why Those People Interested You , They Were All Alike , Nothing Unique Or Different About Them ... But I Guess That’s What You Like. When I Would Be Around You I Acted With Equanimity Even Tho You Just Talking To Me Made Me Feel Euphoric But I Soon Came To Learn That My Feelings For You Turned Out To Be Unrequited Love. Soon After We Went Into Different Directions &’ Took Two Different Roads That Lead Us Right Back To Each Other. &’ This Time I Won’t Let You Get Away ! I’ve Loved You Since We Were 11 &’ Were 15 Now &’ I Promise You Will Be Mine Even If I Have To Wait Another 4 Years.

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