We Must Remember

War is the good and the bad,
Neither side it may be,
It is the bombarding and blood that ends all,
Filling the air with gunpowder and smoke,
Seeing the battle field with lifeless bodies and lakes of blood,
It causes a tragedy in every Patriots family,

Sacrifice is the greatness in every Warrior,
Yet only occurs only in the cleanest minded and the good-hearted,
Many get trapped,
Many could have surrendered,
But have sacrificed,
They see the misery,
Of their friends and family,
Though now... they expect the future,
To be free and peaceful for our freedom,

We shall rememer what every soldier has will to do for us,
He or she could have been an Engineer or other,
But thought of this Nation and became a Soldier,
Giving Citizens a brighter future,

These three deeds make up what we call... A PATRIOT,
So "We Must Remember".

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