We Need Help

You can't trust the sky on a sunny day,
but you can hope on a rainy day.
When the impact comes it hurts,
like a kick to the stomach, a slap to the face.
They don't help you up, they think your fine.
Then yell at you for crying.
She threatens, then apologizes.
She gets mad because we don't trust her anymore.
It doesn't help when birth giver antagonizes.
Its more about her than us.
She's worse than him, he who may have changed or not.
It feels like no one will help, but secretly pity us.
No one cares.
No one will care until we're gone.
No one will do anything till it hurts too much.
I don't want to wait that long,
I don't want to hear anymore apologies.
But we don't know that everyone around us is trying to save us.
But even that may not be enough.

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