We Survived

There is something about the calm after a storm.
The quiet stillness after the wind and the rain and the dark
that seemed to strip everything bare and tear down our souls.
But my love, I am still here.
And so are you.
We survived the raging storm that we created,
and now it is quiet.
And we have nothing to say to each other.
Not because we are still angry or bitter,
but because we don't want to ruin this moment.
This still moment with just you and me,
drowned in the salty rain from our tears,
with hearts beating rapidly and breath in short gasps
after we made the wind and thunder with our fears.
But now it is quiet.
And with our backs pressed against each other we won't say a word.
The silence speaks better than words ever could.
This stillness says that I will never leave you.
And that I love you most when we are drenched in tears
and breathing heavily
because we survived.

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