We the Monsters

We tear down the gifts birthed from our planet,
only to rebuild their replicas;
their plastic and unnatural reflections.
We cover ourselves in cloths blue and white and green and brown
and whisper from the top of our lungs that we hate our home.
We are unheard of.
Animals tread in confusion;
questioning the abuse we bring to our shared home.
"Why do they want to own me?" wondered the rabbit.
"When will I be free?" thought the horse.
"Is his really my home?” doubted the lion.
I weep for the animals.
And I weep for the children.
And I weep for those in love.
We long to posses everything in our power,
while the earth who shelters us has no qualms about letting us go.
We are poisoned by false identities and boring beauty lures us all.
We don't appreciate our hands or the lives we touch.
I have created a rehabilitation method for myself
only so I can take form as wonderful nature in this planet.
I wish to be the reason for a smile like a sunset.
Or glimmers of hope like shooting stars.
I don't want to aspire to be any other person.
I want to be like the earth: grand & giving & endlessly sacrificial.

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