We The People

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free..."
for the low cost of $9.99!

Polyester promises
of ideals bathed in blood.
Every flag a bar code,
stars and stripes
a serial number.

"Come to me,
all you who are weary
and burdened;
I will give you rest..."
for three easy payments!

Freedom and salvation
only matter
when coupled with
an interest rate.
Democracy is an open market,
filled with false
prophets and patriots
petitioning for more.

I took out a loan of apathy,
others of ignorance,
and watched this country
fall apart.

Forgive me...
Forgive us.
"We the people"
have incurred a debt.

It's time to pay it back.

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