We the People

What is intelligence?
Is it knowing or feeling something is right but lacking evidence?
It's evident that knowledge is no longer relevant
So we're misguided enough to just blame the president ..
We the people ...
They say ignorance is bliss, in my mind it's a cyst ;
We rather take the easy way out than to strive & learn how to live ;
Want more than marriage and a few kids.
Desire to achieve things nobody you knew did.
We the people ...
Know yourself and the value of your dignity ;
No matter how strong the drug knowledge is the best remedy.
A mind can't be bought a ten a g.
I'm not a prophet nor do I pretend to be ;
Knowledge has always been the key
Hopefully one day before the end you'll see...
We the people ...
The congregation will blame us for the murders of the ethnic nation
And look for excuses and try to say they're drug related ;
With the idea of our souls and minds being free we're infatuated
But no longer peacefully will we be waiting...
We the people ...
Rise from the ashes like a phoenix you have been reborn ;
You're damaged like an Achilles' tendon retorn.
Unite , become independent maybe yet we can reform ;
The largest fist the world's ever seen before ..

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