We the People

If we the people opened up our minds
Then we would acheive greatness
Better than all kinds
If we had the balls to go up against the best
Then life wouldnt be much of a test
What we lack in confidence
We gain by eating food with plenty of condiments
We may look and act like fat fools
But in reality some of us are really cruel
Our most prized possesions
Are probably our stupid recession
We act as if we are the greatest
But in reality most countries hate us
And that stupid saying “ they hate is cuz aint us”
Well thats lie because no one cares about a govermwnt with an army that just collects dust
They say everybody wants the american dream
But that dream is like a voucher that only a few can redeem
We hope everyday we go out there to become someone
Only to come back home at night to be with our loved ones
What really matters is money
It is what trully make the day sunny
We say it doesnt matter
But it is a very big factor
Knowledge is power
And when we have some we stand tall as if we were a tower
But we the people have voice
And with our voice we can make the right choice

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