We, the Young Women

We the young women, confident and strong
Will ignore the gossip, or just play along
We will come home from school, and take off our masks
The masks that have formed from our useless tasks
These masks we don't like were made by our peers
The ones who make us break out into tears
And when we come home from a long day of school
Our gray sweats replace the clothes they call"cool"
Our makeup comes off, along with our smile
The smile you thought would last for a while
Our beautiful hair goes up in a bun
And seeing the mirror, our hearts weigh a ton
We sometimes feel ugly, and worthless, and cruel
But what we don't see is, inside, we're all jewels
We dance in our rooms when no one is watching
To upbeat love songs, very heart-touching
We take ages to do our makeup and hair
Though our natural beauty is already there
We smile, we laugh, we live, and we love
We're all each unique, sent from above
Though we are young, we fight for what's right
Even when it takes all of our might
So, we the young women, living by grace
By faith and by destiny
Will finish life's race

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